In most cases, it takes 2-5 business days to fulfill orders.* (Please be patient, we are a small business with a small staff)
Once an order is placed, it will be processed. If you receive an email confirming your order, it is in our system and being processed. Please make sure to read the information below about shipping time.

*Excludes pre-orders, check the products page to see estimated ship out dates.



USPS: 2-7 business days      // Clothes & Harnesses
UPS: 2-7 business days        // All domestic shoe orders (+additional items) will be sent by UPS

USPS: 2-6 weeks (subject to change according to country)

We are not responsible for customs fees placed on international orders.





1 lb & Under    //       $6

1-2 lbs            //       $12

2-3 lbs           //        $15

3.5 lbs+         //        $17+


1 lb & Under    //       $15

1-5 lbs            //        $50

5-10 lbs+        //        $60

Harnesses are approx .5lb   //   Clothes  are approx 1lb   // Shoes are 3-5 lb a pair.

We are not responsible for customs fees placed on international orders.

In some circumstances the shipping cost is less than our estimated shipping cost. If paid amount is excessively more than shipping cost than we will refund the difference. This is typically for international or large orders.

Please note: Once your order has been shipped, we are no longer responsible for shipping. Check your tracking number to estimate time of arrival. Please make sure to be available for your packages delivery or arrange a pickup with your local post office (through shipping carrier). If you live in a location that is not safe for deliveries, please find another location to have your item shipped to. If your has been returned to sender, please email us. 

After an order has been delivered to the correct shipping address, we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages.



If you have purchased an item on "pre-order" this means that it is in the process of being made. Pre-order's estimated ship out dates can be found on the product's page. You will receive tracking information as soon as your item is prepared to ship. If there are any foreseen delays in production of your item you will be notified.  

If you purchase ready to ship items along with your pre-order, your order will be fulfilled when pre-order is ready. 


F.  A. Q.

Please read below info before emailing, we will disregard all emails that are redundant.

Do you take returns/exchanges?

We do not offer refunds, but we now accept exchanges following our new program.


Can I cancel my order?

We do not cancel orders for refunds. Exchanges for store credit are available.  


When will my pre-order ship?

If your item is on pre-order that means it is in the process of being made. Estimated ship out dates are provided on the product's page. You will be notified if there is a delay in production process.


I'm an international customer. Can the cost of my order be lowered to avoid customs fees?

We can not lower the dollar amount on international orders in order to avoid customs fees. Neither do we cover or are we responsible for customs fees placed on international orders.


You are out of stock on an Item I want, when will you restock?

Depends on the item. Some products are restocked regularly, and some are more sparse.

Harnesses are restocked consistently, clothes depend on demand, and shoes are more rare.

If an item is sold out, fill out the 'notify me' form on the product's page to be notified when it will be restocked. (This will help us also know what items are in demand)


Do you possibly have my item in stock?

Check our eBay account


Which shoe styles are available?

A full list of styles are available on the top of the Shop's Shoe page. Click the picture of a style and it will take you to all the colors available.

I don't see my size?
Our full stock is online.

We will not respond to emails regarding this subject. Please fill out form on product page to be notified when item will be back in stock)

We now make sizes XXS-XXXXXXL Womens and XS-XXXL Mens clothing. Some of our older styles only go up size XL.

We make sizes 5-12 Womens and 8-12 Mens shoes.

We do not take personal orders.


Can I order custom Shoes, Clothing or Harnesses?

We are not currently taking custom orders.

My Item has broken, will you repair or replace it?
Depends on the situation. Please send us an email with a photo, your location, your receipt and size to