Shopping is supposed to be easy. With so many sizes and color/fabric variations of our favorite styles, things could get complicated. With all of our DEANDRI babes in mind, we have upgraded our website with new features to make your shopping experience as painless as can be.

Filter what you want to see
The new filtering feature allows you to shop by size, color, fabric type, collar type, price and even popularity. No more falling in love with a product to only see that your size or color is sold out! Perfect for the shopper who readily knows what they want, and prefers convenience over everything, because really, who doesn’t?

Easy browsing
Browsing clothes online is the equivalent to window shopping, and we all enjoy it. Sometimes you just don’t know you can’t live without that adorable dress until you see it! We’ve made browsing the category pages on our new website as efficient as can be. You can see what sizes are available at a quick glance, choose your color, collar, and “add to cart” without even clicking onto the product’s page.

It’s all in the details
Learning details about a product is crucial, and can make your decision to purchase the product that much easier. Every product page now has tabs for reading the product’s description, size + fit, content + care, and any other additional information we thought you should know.

Blog about it
We’ve been working really hard to create blogworthy content for our customers, but with our old website, they were rather hidden. Now blogs posts are seen all around the website, to enrich your shopping experience. Videos and blogs on how to wear and transform harnesses, style guides, editorial shoots, restock alerts, warehouse sale announcements, customer photos, makeup tutorials, music we want to share, etc., are now readily available for you to read and enjoy!

Compare the two
The great debate on whether you want the Nosferatu dress or the Sally dress is not always an easy one. With our new “Compare” feature on our website, you can put products side by side, and compare sizes, fabric, collar options, and price before adding one to your cart. We know how awful shopper’s remorse can be, and want to make your new DEANDRI purchase your best one yet.

360-degree animations
Products with special features will now include a 360-degree animation in its description, which is pretty much the next best thing to seeing it in person. You can view the product from all angles, and how it’s worn. What’s even better, is you can control the direction of the angles however you like. This is next level online shopping for us, we’re so excited to share with you guys!

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